The graveyard overlooking Jade Lazlow's hometown is visible from any point below, an ever-present reminder of mysterious forces beyond the veil. The town had been a station on the Underground Railroad, so it's steeped in history and legend. It's also not far downriver from Mothman country. It was against that backdrop that Jade discovered her love of writing stories of all kinds. 
She garnered inspiration from local legends told in hushed whispers, a collection of 18 and 1900s literature, comic books, and books of all kinds from the town's library. 

Jade typed her first novel on a broken manual typewriter that was missing a few key caps. She had to keep moving the remaining caps around to type. "A friend gave me the typewriter to help me get started, and I thought it was the most wonderful gift I'd ever received. I had to keep moving the key caps around to depress the levers to type to keep from hurting my fingers. It was a pain, but it was still faster than writing by hand. It was more than just a typewriter to me. It meant someone else thought my writing was worth reading, and that made me happy." 

Urged by her perennially practical parents to “grow up” and get a “real job,” Jade worked in broadcasting as an announcer, an electronic graphics operator, a master control switcher, an audio producer, and a voiceover personality for local affiliates for local ABC and NPR affiliates, House of Commons Film Video and Multi-image Productions, and The Learning Channel (TLC). She later pursued a career in education for more than twenty-five years. 

Through it all, she never lost the nagging itch to write and tell stories. Despite having a crooked path to publication, Jade feels she was "born to be a writer," and she is delighted to finally have the time to do it. She also independently narrates and produces audiobooks. "There's nothing more exciting," she says, "than creating great stories and finding that people enjoy them." “Like most of my fellow indie writers,” she explained, “I work a day job while practicing my craft in my spare time. I live in a cabin in the woods with my family, fur babies, and bees. Lots, and lots of bees.