Jade collaborates with other indie authors and narrators to produce audio books in various genres. Her background in broadcasting and theatre helps her bring characters to life and infuse stories with authenticity. 

Jade's vocal range is broad, enabling her to produce interpretations of   a diverse array of characters.  

Enjoy these samples of her work, and stay tuned for news of more projects in the future.

Dead on Arrival, by author Karen Vaughan is the first in a series of Laura and Jerry mysteries. Over Her Dead Body is the second. In this series, Jade Lazlow narrates under the pen name, Skyler Rankin.

 Sister of the Brotherhood, by Ginny Patrick, is an epic fantasy. Orphaned as an infant, Arien hid the strange powers that marked her as different. Only boys were supposed to have such unusual skills. A mysterious teacher arrives in her tiny mountain village, a mystic from The Brotherhood of Power. In Arien, he sees promise and offers to teach her the ways of the ancient order. Sister of the Brotherhood is narrated by Jade Lazlow. Check out this sample from the audiobook, produced by Woodland Media Creative Services.

 Jade's viral series books Viral Dawn and Viral Storm, narrated by Elizabeth Lee, are available on Audible.