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Genre fiction is Jade's favorite playground. She enjoys writing mystery, science fiction, romance and more. "Writing different types of literature stretches an author's skills," she says. Check out her books below.

Blood Vessel

Chantel Thomas's life has been a series of tragedies. An ancient script begins when she loses her father, setting in motion a spiral of mysteries leading to her mother's roots in New Orleans. Caught in a web of the darkest magic and deceit, she's trapped long before she sees the danger reaching out from the past. Her family's secret won't kill her. She'll only wish it would. #paranormalmystery #voodoofiction #historicalelements #womaninperil

Bimini Bound

Kerri and Dave Beecher, darlings of the Travel Network's show, Romance on the Road, are going through a rough patch, rough being an understatement. What begins with Dave's infidelity snowballs into a series of life-changing crises for Kerri.

In a desperate attempt to save her career, Kerri embarks on an independent project that, if successful, would allow Kerri to chart her own course. But things aren't working out as planned for Kerri, and she soon finds herself in a life-threatening predicament. This time, however, there's a rose among her thorns, if only she recognizes its worth.

Jade Lazlow's Happenstance Romance series explores and celebrates romance in unlikely places and chance encounters. Each book is a stand-alone story of novella or novel length.

Keywords: romantic comedy, romance novella, travel romance, clean romance, television career, strong female lead, later life romance, natural disaster, rescue, hurricane survival, second chances

The Viral Series - An Apocalyptic Trilogy

This series is in progress with books 1 & 2 , Viral Dawn and Viral Storm, available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. The third book, Viral Vengeance, is currently a work in progress. Release scheduled for Spring 2024!

What if your world collapsed in seconds, thrusting you into an apocalyptic nightmare where your every move might be your last? An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly genetically-engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies.

Senior, Casey Williams, shelters at her high school with friends and other survivors of the outbreak. They're safe for now, but supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter. Casey anticipates the looming humanitarian crisis and knows they must find other refuge or face chaos inside. She braves the savage world beyond the school's security fence in an attempt to save herself and her friends. With sheer grit, she leads a small party to find help at the militarized safe zone. Once there, she arranges for her friends to be transported to safety only to learn she's placed them in even greater danger. Determined to seek justice, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive in this new dystopian reality.

Book three, Viral Vengeance, is a work in progress. Coming soon to your favorite book store.

Free Short Stories

Reasonable Doubts - Sociopaths can fool anyone. Despite their superficial charm, most of what they do and say is designed to manipulate. Even those closest to them don't see it coming. Southern mystery, mini-mystery, small-town

Baked - Defrocked New York Times journalist, Trina Sharp is forced to take a job at a small-town paper in the struggling tourist town of Mariner's Bluff. 

The tourist town plans its first-ever fishing tournament and the body of a murdered drug dealer turns up in the middle of downtown.  

Trina's nose for news is off and running as she investigates and finds her girl-crush at the center of the mystery.  Follow Trina on the trail as she works the most important assignment of her life, saving the girl she loves. - Mini-Mystery, Light LGBTQ Romance, Humor, Cozy Mystery, Female Amateur Detective

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