The Viral Series - Zombie Apocalypse with a Teenage Twist

What if your world collapsed in seconds, thrusting you into an apocalyptic nightmare where your every move might be your last? An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly genetically-engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies.

Senior, Casey Williams shelters at her high school with her friends and other survivors of the zombie outbreak. They're safe for now, but supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter. Casey anticipates the looming humanitarian crisis and knows they must find other refuge or face chaos inside. She braves the savage post-apocalyptic world beyond the school's security fence in an attempt to save herself and her friends. With sheer grit, she leads a small party to find help at the militarized safe zone. Once there, she arranges for her friends to be transported to safety only to learn she's placed them in even greater danger. As it turns out, the zombies aren't the only thing they should fear. Determined to seek justice, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive in this new dystopian reality.

Jade Lazlow spawns a new dystopian series for young adults and adult readers. The book begins with teenager, Casey Williams, living her less than happy life with her mother and foster brother, Derek after the death of her father. With a largely absentee workaholic mother, Casey is often charged with caring for Derek. The story spends considerable time establishing her life and the lives of her friends. Casey is at school when an explosion occurs at a nearby military chemical weapons facility. The explosion unleashes a biochemical warfare agent that transforms humans into flesh-eating zombies.

"The sores forming with unholy speed on Harley’s arms and legs confirmed the infection was spreading. Its poison surged through her veins with such momentum that she could feel its sting in the current of her pulse. Unrelenting pain seared every cell, and she struggled to maintain focus, despite the fever raging in her blood." - Viral Storm 

Viral Storm continues the story of Casey Williams and her friends attempting to flee the country and expose the evil work of BioGenetics, creators of the virus that spawned the zombie apocalypse. Euthanizing her best friend, who'd been infected with the virus, was the most soul-crushing thing Casey could have imagined, but that was nothing compared to what happens next… Like the first book in Jade Lazlow's, Viral Dawn, Viral Storm has gore, violence, and dark themes common in zombie apocalyptic fiction, but the book focuses more on the characters' lives than other elements. The story centers on strong, young adult female characters as do similar books in female-centered dystopian fiction like The Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, and The Year of the Flood. Join Casey as her struggle for survival continues in Viral Storm.

Jade Lazlow's second book in the Viral Series, entitled Viral Storm, is also sale now. The non-stop tension in book two will leave readers craving more dystopian, zombie apocalypse action.

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