Books that Go Bump in the Night


Welcome to my humble refuge...

I see you're a sojourner. Perhaps a seeker. Or maybe just in search of a good story and a drink. Come and sit. Let me pour you a cup of tea. Take off your shoes and relax by the fire. 

If you're lucky, one of my resident kitties will join you, curl up on your lap, and keep you company this night. I'm glad you found the library on this dark and stormy eve. Here, I've a plate of cookies beside the chaise. Help yourself.

Won't you enjoy a story before you retire to your quarters? I can't guarantee it will help you sleep, but maybe it will entertain you as the storm rages outside.


The graveyard overlooking R. Jade Lazlow's hometown is visible from everywhere, like an omni-present reminder of the mysterious forces beyond the veil. Historically, the region was home to Native People described as the Fort Ancients, who inhabited the area as early as 1000 AD. As Europeans entered the area and settled, the likes of Daniel Boone and Jenny Wiley settled and explored the land.
The town itself had been a station on the Underground Railroad, with the purported site of Uncle Tom's Cabin being just a few miles up river. It's also not far downriver from Mothman country. 

It was against that backdrop that Jade discovered her love of writing and story telling. She garnered inspiration from the local legends told in hushed whispers, history, creepy comic books, and thrillers and mysteries from the town's library. Jade was "born to be a writer," and she is delighted to finally have the time to do more of it. She also independently narrates and produces audiobooks. There's nothing more exciting," she says, "than creating great stories and finding that people enjoy them."

Jade writes in multiple genres and especially enjoys paranormal mystery and science fiction. You can find her books online at most major book retailers.

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