Bimini Bound: Happenstance Romance Book 1 Kindle Edition

Kerri and Dave Beecher, darlings of the Travel Network's show, Romance on the Road, are going through a rough patch, rough being an understatement. What begins with Dave's infidelity snowballs into a series of life-changing crises for Kerri.

In a desperate attempt to save her career, Kerri embarks on an independent project that, if successful, would allow Kerri to chart her own course. But things aren't working out as planned for Kerri, and she soon finds herself in a life-threatening predicament. This time, however, there's a rose among her thorns, if only she recognizes its worth.

Jade Lazlow's Happenstance Romance series explores and celebrates romance in unlikely places and chance encounters. Each book is a stand-alone story of novella or novel length.

Keywords: romantic comedy, romance novella, travel romance, clean romance, television career, strong female lead, later life romance, natural disaster, rescue, hurricane survival, second chances